LOwtide brewing co

Born out of a love for craft beers and one too many hangovers, we strive to bring the best of alcohol free beers directly to your doorstep.


Operating out of our primary distribution centre in Bath, United Kingdom, we stock over 60 delicious low/no alcohol options, spanning from lagers to IPAs to sours to stouts, and we ship them all over the U.K.


Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired after reaching for “just one more”? We were too, so we started exploring equally tasty, less guilty options. Astounded by the breadth of choice and quality of flavours that breweries now offer in alcohol-free varieties, we realized that we are not alone. We began to collect all of the best-tasting ones we could find, and given we’ve already done all the hard work, we thought we’d share it with you! However, we know that too many options can be overwhelming, so if you find it tough to choose which crafty libation to try, let us decide for you. Every month, we package up a selection of six of our finest beers and ship them to each of our subscribers, so that you can taste the hoppy bastards yourselves!


And us? We’re just a couple of cousins who wanted more productive mornings and slightly smaller beer bellies. If you decide to join us, think of all the early Saturday morning jogs you could enjoy (or just a few hours extra sleep - your call)!


Rob & Dave


Since launching Crafty AF we have tried countless alcohol-free craft beers, and developed quite a palate for them. In our quest to find the the perfect brew, we realised that we are uniquely positioned to create them ourselves given our exposure to the AF craft beer world. There are many beer styles out there that haven't quite been nailed, and we think we are the guys that you can rely on to keep things crafty.

Our beers will be exclusively sold in 440ml cans with beautiful can artwork (by the incredibly talented @john_miles) to rival those in the full ABV category. Our first beer out is an incredibly juicy and crushable DIPA, with plenty more beers in the pipeline.

We can't wait to see what you all think of our beers.

Rob & Dave

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